Strategic Plan

Australian Sunflower Industry Strategic Plan 2013-2018

The Australian Sunflower Industry Strategic Plan 2013-2018 identified that the key challenge for all all sectors of the value chain remains the ability of processors and manufacturers to guarantee continuous supply for domestic consumers of sunflower products.

Australian Sunflower Association seeks to grow the industry from its current area of production and yield to produce 230,000 tonne of seed each year.

The ASA will lead this growth by working to:

  • Leverage breeding work being done overseas on new traits and disease resistant lines, specifically to support the commercialisation of imi-tolerant hybrids

  • Remove market and related infrastructure barriers which discourage production in Australia

  • Increase areas planted and yield of sunflower by providing growers and advisers access to increased knowledge and skills to manage sunflower production and practices

  • Remove negative disease perceptions of sunflower by reducing and managing risks and promoting its break crop advantages

  • Strengthening partnerships across the value chain to ensure a targeted and coordinated campaign by all industry supporters

  • Ensuring the ASA is an efficient and effective organization

The Strategic Plan was publicly released in November 2013. It is available to be viewed below.

Australian Sunflower Industry Strategic Plan 2013-2018.pdf