Big Yellow Sunflower Pack

The Better Sunflowers Big Yellow Sunflower Pack is a valuable reference for growers and advisors, containing the most up-to-date resource of knowledge and research on sunflower production in Australia. The original Big Black Sunflower Pack was published in 2004, which was followed in October 2010 by the First Big Yellow Sunflower Pack. Updates on the BYSP have occurred in 2012, 2015 and the next version is currently being updated in 2021.

The BYSP was developed to support the agronomic workshops delivered by the Australian Sunflower Association. The modules are written, reviewed and presented by acknowledged industry experts. Featuring a mix of theory, demonstrations and hands-on activities, the workshops also provide those attending with an opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications. Both the workshop content and the BYSP have been developed to ensure they remain relevant and easy to use.

Better Sunflowers represents a very strong partnership across all sunflower industry sectors and is supported by significant in-kind contributions from many organisation, businesses and individuals.

Thankyou to the many people who specifically contributed to the Better Sunflowers Big Yellow Sunflower Pack over its many versions and years.