Are you looking for some help with your sunflower crop? Below you will find contact details for commercial agronomists who have completed the accreditation process and or have extensive experience managing sunflower crops. We have also listed industry professionals with specific areas of expertise who are willing to assist growers and agronomists.

Accredited agronomists


Roland Hornick – Springsure

Paul McIntosh – Toowoomba

Simon Mulder – AgNVet Agribusiness, Emerald
Ph: 07 4982 2866

New South Wales

Tony Lockrey – AMPS Agribusiness, Moree
Mob: 0428529001 Email:

Technical experts

Sue Thompson – plant pathology
Email: Phone: 0407 031 244

Kevin Charlesworth – harvesting, marketing, and general growing of the crop
Email: Phone: 0419 734 586

Paul McIntoshweed management

Loretta Serafin agronomy and hybrid choice