Minimising TSV risk

Parthenium weed is the major host of tobacco streak virus (TSV) in CQ. To minimise the risk of TSV in sunflower and other crops:

  • Choose tolerant sunflower varieties (listed in the brochure below).

  • Become familiar with the TSV lifecycle, including hosts and the thrips vector.

  • Avoid planting near or downwind of known parthenium weed infestations.

  • Control other host plants in the vicinity, if practical.

  • Expect infection levels of 20 to 60 per cent in susceptible cultivars if environmental conditions are conducive to disease outbreaks.

Dr Murray Sharman, Principal plant pathologist (virology), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland has provided the latest information for growers interested in growing sunflowers in Central Queensland. Download information brochure.